Small Rolls

030 30Blue Valley Sod Company offers small rolls in 90 yard pallets. Trucks are loaded with approximately 18-22 pallets. Shipments are tarped to keep in the moisture during long hauling. Because thin cut rolls have been proven to restart faster our rolls are light weight and easily handled by the installation crews. Mineral sod is heavier so there are less rolls per pallet. Blue Valley Sod Company can mix small rolls on the same truck with large rolls, giving you large roll convenience for large areas and small roll efficiency around obstructed or dense areas.

Small rolls are lightweight and handle very easily for detailed or smaller dimensional job requirements. Small rolls are stacked on pallets and offer easy forklift unloading and project placement. Small rolls are 24" wide and are delivered as 1-1/2 yard rolls.
  • Mankato, Winnebago: Small rolls come in 720 sq ft (80 yd) pallets.
  • North Branch: Small Rolls come in 810 sq ft (90 yd) pallets.
  • Aitkin: Small Rolls come in 840 sq ft (93.3 yds) pallets.