Small Rolls

030 30Blue Valley Sod Company offers small rolls in 80 yard pallets. Trucks are loaded with approximately 18-22 pallets. Shipments are tarped to keep in the moisture during long hauling. Because thin cut rolls have been proven to restart faster our rolls are light weight and easily handled by the installation crews.  Blue Valley Sod Company can mix small rolls on the same truck with large rolls, giving you large roll convenience for large areas and small roll efficiency around obstructed or dense areas.

Sod – Small Rolls

Small Rolls of sod are the “traditional” rolls that most people are familiar with. Small Sod Rolls are easy to handle, and do not require any special equipment to install.

Customer Friendly

Small Sod Rolls from Blue Valley Sod make laying it yourself easy and efficient. Because it does not require expensive machinery to install, Small Sod Rolls are the do-it-yourselfers product of choice.

Perfect for your average lawn

If you have a small to medium sized lawn, Small Sod Rolls are the perfect product for your project. Weighing around 30 pounds, Small Sod Rolls are easy to carry, and roll out smoothly.

The Cost-Effective Solution

Because of the smaller size and weight, you can pick up small rolls in your own truck or trailer and install them yourself, saving you money.

  • Winnebago: Small rolls come in 720 sq ft (80 yd) pallets.  A pallet of sod weighs approximately 2000 lbs.

Sod is a perishable commodity and must be installed within 24 hours of harvest and requires proper after care.

See Watering for proper care of your new sod.