Big Rolls

045 45 largeBig rolls from Blue Valley Sod Company provide a fast and efficient installation. Since installation equipment does the lifting and placement of the sod, you save both time and labor. An experienced crew of four can install up to 50,000 square feet in a day. Big rolls have fewer seams and because you install them so quickly the sod sees water faster, therefore eliminating initial turf stress. Big rolls are 42" wide, staying in place better then small rolls due to their size, therefore the area is ready for traffic much faster.

Big rolls are useful in large unobstructed areas, small rolls lend themselves very well for the smaller detailed areas or areas of smaller dimensions.

Big rolls are laid using tractors with a lift capacity of approximately 3000 lbs. on the 3-point hitch system. A forklift handles the rolls with a lifting capacity of 3000 lbs. The rolls are merely driven out using the tractor while the laying crew tightly rakes in the seams. Skid steers are used such as the Case 1845C or the Bobcat 853 & 943, also the John Deere 6775 or 7775 are ideal laying tractors. Also available are track-driven machines especially designed for big rolls. The laying attachments are inexpensive and readily available from your local distributors.

Sod is a perishable commodity and must be installed within 24 hours of harvest and requires proper after care.

See Watering for instruction on proper care of your new sod.