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The Weerts’ family, have been in the sodding business for over 3 decades and are experience
in producing a sod of a premium quality.  
We have sod fields in Mapleton, St. Clair and Blue Earth, Minnesota and are confident that we can meet the demands of whatever comes our way. 

Sod purchased from Blue Valley Sod is a mixture five different types of Kentucky Bluegrass.  Sod is fertilized regularly and maintained daily and cut to order.  

Blue Valley Sod is a member of MN Turf and Turf Products International.

Whatever project you are doing whether it is big or small we will have you covered.

To learn more about blue Valley Sod and founder Bob Weerts find him in Connect Magazine. 

** Helpful tip when ordering sod take your

(length x width to get your square feet and then divide by 12)

this will give your total number of rolls you will need to complete your project.

Example 12 x 15 = 180 sq. ft / 12 = 15 rolls
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